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Leyda 1st Mar 2016 Manager
I would like to implement a sensory room, however I would like a feedback from anyone who has a sensory room on their facilities.
Has it really improve or modified any behaviours?
What tools did you use?
Talita 2nd Mar 2016
Great question, we would love to hear what has worked for others too.

In the comments section of the article below there are some interesting points made by some members.

Snoezelen Rooms And Sensory Environments For Dementia Patients
Susan 4th Mar 2016 Diversional Therapist
We have had a sensory room for about ten years. It has evolved, however it is much used and loved by our residents. We are a 70 bed high care facility and it is used for many different purposes by the residents. One resident uses it as a place to listen to his Italian opera, another always goes there when her daughter visits. It is great place for residents to relax and calm down and is a big part of our sundowning program. We have never had a big budget, the cheap shops and our imagination have been our greatest resources. However as it is popular a couple of big ticket items (massage chair, bubble tube, corner mirrors, comfy couch, coloured light projector) have been donated. Happy to answer any questions. I will see if I can attach a image.
Josephine 6th Mar 2016
Hi Layda, we created a sensory corner - a small nook in the nursing home that was not being used. Luckily for us one of the resident's family member gave us their father's large flat screen tv to use - we set it up on the wall and have a DVD attached - we have 3 people that need a calmer area to stay in and this is perfect. Over time we have put in two comfy tub chairs, a coffee table, lava lamps and now our two budgies reside there two. We have included some plants too. We are able to turn the lights down and it is quite calming despite the corridor behind our residents. Families are now using this area to sit with their loved ones to spend time with them - all of high care needs. I have downloaded some sensory style pictures with music from Youtube e.g. nature - slow moving flowers and buds opening with classical music etc. This seems to work well for us. Like everyone else, Lifestyle is always on the smallest of budgets - most we just put the call out for donations and look at op shops - you will be amazed what you can find. At the moment we are putting Fiddle boxes together for people to assist them in keeping engaged and busy.
Leyda 7th Mar 2016 Manager
Thank you so much ladies for your ideas of great assistance

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