An all about dogs quiz! This is a fun quiz for the elderly in nursing homes and assisted living facilities.
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  1. What breed of Collie was Lassie?
  2. This dog originates from Tibet where it was traditionally a watchdog
  3. A wrinkled dog breed with 3 letters
  4. This breed was developed in Scotland during the late 19th century
  5. Can you name 3 breeds of small dogs?
  6. Name the dog breed that is white with black dots
  7. The ship on which Charles Darwin sailed was named after which dog breed?
  8. The national dog of France (which was first bred in Germany)
  9. Dorothy’s dog in ‘The Wizard of Oz’ was called...
  10. These dogs help Australian farmers herd cattle
  11. They were bred to scent, chase and flush out burrow-dwelling animals
  12. What is a dog's most powerful sense?
  13. Egyptian monuments depicted this dog 5,000 years ago.
  14. Can you name 3 breeds of large dogs?
  15. How do you say ‘dog’ in German?
  16. What is the smallest dog breed in the world?
  17. What is a dog of no definable type or breed called?
  18. Which is the tallest dog in the world?
  19. What breed of dog was Rin Tin Tin?
  20. In the movie ‘Milo & Otis’ who was the dog?


1. Lassie was a Rough Collie 2. Lhasa Apso, bred as an interior sentinel for the Buddhist monasteries. It alerted the monks of any intruders. 3. Pug 4. Golden Retriever 5. Maltese, Jack Russell, Terrier and many more! 6. Dalmatian 7. Beagle 8. Poodle 9. Toto 10. Australian Cattle Dogs (also known as Red or Blue Heelers) 11. Dachshund 12. Sense of smell 13. Mastiff 14. Saint Bernard, German Shepherd, Doberman and many others 15. Dog in German is ‘Hund’ 16. Chihuahua 17. Mongrel 18. The Great Dane 19. German Shepherd 20. Otis

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Kristen 24th Jul 2016 Life Enrichment Manager
I bet this will be fun. Thank you for sharing.
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