Here is another quiz to celebrate International Mother Language Day.
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Here is a fun foreign words quiz!


1. What does the French phrase 'Entre Nous' mean?
2. How do you say good bye in Japanese?
3. How do you say 'hat' in Spanish'?
4. What does the word 'Achtung' means in German?
5. What do the French words 'faux pas' mean?
6. What do the Greek words 'Alpha and Omega' mean?
7. What to you understand for 'Et Cetera'?
8. A Japanese dish composed of thin slices of raw fish eaten with a dipping sauce
9. What is the correct definition of 'Joie de Vivre'?
10. In recent years the word 'Taliban' has become notorious; what does the word mean?
11. What language does the word 'Algebra' come from?
12. What does the Greek word 'Eureka' means?
13. What does the Hindi word 'Namaste' mean?
14. What do the Italian words 'A cappella' mean?
15. What does Yiddish word 'kosher' mean?
16. What do the Latin words 'Persona non grata' mean?
17. What does the German word 'Gesundheit' mean?
18. What does the word 'Aloha' mean?
19. From which indigenous culture does the word 'Barramundi' come from?
20. What do Maoris call white New Zealanders?


1) Between us 2) Sayonara 3) Sombrero 4) Attention 5) A social blunder 6) First and last or beginning and ending 7) It means 'and the rest' or 'and so forth' 8) Sashimi 9) The joy of living 10) Student 11) Arabic 12) 'I have found it' 13) Hello (it is a popular salutation or greeting) 14) 'In chapel style' (without instrumental accompaniment) 15) Approved (especially food) according to Jewish law 16) Unacceptble or unwelcome 17) Bless you! 18) Hello or Goodbye in Hawaiian 19) Aboriginal Australia 20) Pakeha

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