A quiz about famous women through the ages. A wonderful reminiscing activity for the elderly!
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1. Who was the last active Pharaoh in Egypt?
2. Name the fashion designer who founded the label Chanel?
3. Who was the mother of Queen Elizabeth I?
4. Can you name the female British author known for crime fiction?
5. Monaco has two Princesses, what are their names?
6. Who was 'Maria' in 'The Sound of Music'?
7. Can you name a famous song by Aretha Franklin?
8. What is the name of Prince William's wife?
9. What element did Marie Curie discover?
10. Who was the first woman to lead a Muslim country?
11. Which African-American woman is a chat show icon in the U.S.A?
12. Which sister wrote 'Jane Eyre': Charlotte, Emily or Anne Bronte?
13. Who sings 'Material Girl'?
14. Which was the first English royal princess to be prosecuted in Crown Court?
15. Which American film star married a European Prince in the 1950s?
16. Which French film star became an influential animal activist?
17. Who wrote 'Middlemarch'?
18. Who played Morticia Addams in the TV series 'The Addams Family'?
19. Which English queen was beheaded by her cousin?
20. Who is the current number one female tennis player in the world?


1 - Cleopatra 2 - Coco Chanel 3 - Ann Boleyn 4 - Agatha Christie 5 - Princess Caroline and Princess Stephanie 6 - Julie Andrews 7 - Respect Yourself - I say a little Prayer 8 - Kate Middleton 9 - Radium 10 - Benazir Bhutto 11 - Oprah Winfrey 12 - Charlotte Bronte 13 - Madonna 14 - Princess Ann after her Bull Terrier 'Dottie' bit two children in Hyde Park 15 - Grace Kelly 16 - Brigitte Bardot 17 - George Elliot 18 - Carolyn Jones 19 - Mary I, Queen of Scots (by Queen Elizabeth I) 20 - Serena Williams.

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