Test your knowledge of French Culture on Bastille Day! Also suitable as a reminiscing activity for seniors from France.
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French General Knowledge Quiz

  1. What is the currency of France?
  2. What is the tallest mountain in France?
  3. Can you name the capital of France?
  4. Which famous General was born in Corsica?
  5. What is celebrated in France on the 14th of July?
  6. The correct colors of the French flag are...
  7. What army rank did Charles de Gaulle have?
  8. Which French author wrote 'The Three Musketeers'?
  9. Can you name two French Car Manufacturers?
  10. France is home to which international cycling competition?
  11. Which Frenchman developed a reading language for the blind?
  12. France is linked to the United kingdom by the...
  13. What is the name of the huge marble arch near the center of Paris?
  14. What was the previous currency of France?
  15. How to you say 'Good morning' in French?
  16. What is a young lady called in France?
  17. How do you say goodbye in French?
  18. What is the French phrase we use to someone going on a trip?
  19. What are the French words we use to describe an impression of having seen or experienced something before?
  20. What is the French word we use for a form of competitive horse riding?


1) Euro 2) Mt Mont Blanc 3) Paris 4) Napoleon Bonaparte 5) Bastille Day 6) Blue, White, Red 7) Genera 8) Alexander Dumas 9) Renault and Fiat. Also Citroen, Peugeot, Renault. 10) Le Tour de France 11) Louis Braille 12) Channel tunnel 13) Arch of Triumph 14) Franc 15) Bon Jour 16) Mademoiselle 17) Au revoir! 18) Bon Voyage 19) Déjà vu 20) Dressage.

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