Here's a fun Halloween quiz for seniors to enjoy. Consider screening the 1991 film 'The Adams Family' following this quiz!
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Consider screening the 1991 film 'The Adams Family' following this quiz!


  1. Who is the 'friendly ghost' that children usually love?
  2. Name the mother, in the TV series 'The Adams Family'.
  3. What colours are associated with Halloween?
  4. Halloween started in North America. True or False –
  5. Pumpkin is a type of fruit. True or False
  6. The Irish did not use pumpkins for Jack-o-lanterns; what did they use?
  7. Vampire bats exist. True or False
  8. Superstition says: If you cross a black _ _ _ on Halloween, it is bad luck!
  9. What do children expect to get when they go 'Trick or Treating'?
  10. What is the mode of travel for witches?
  11. What Halloween costume has fangs?
  12. A good Halloween game is bobbing for ...
  13. Mummies are associated with which country?
  14. How do you kill a vampire?
  15. When do werewolves come out?
  16. Where in Europe does Count Dracula comes from?
  17. Which monster was created in the laboratory by an evil scientist?
  18. How would you describe a house with ghosts?
  19. What do you call the 'walking dead'?
  20. How many 'witches' were burned at the stake in Salem Witch Trials?


1) Casper, the friendly ghost 2) Morticia 3) Orange and black 4) False, Halloween started in Ireland and was brought to the USA by Irish immigrants 5) True 6) Turnips 7) True 8) Cat 9) Lollies (Candy) 10) Broomsticks 11) Vampires 12) Apples 13) Egypt 14) With a stake through the heart 15) During full moon 16) Transylvania, Romania 17) Frankenstein 18) Haunted Houses 19) Zombies 20) None, 19 were hung and others put in jail.

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