How Do You Feel Alphabet Word Game

How Do You Feel Alphabet Word Game

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How do you feel today? Let's go through the alphabet  to find out!

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P. Liliana 28th Aug 2020 Activities Coordinator
I love this! Thanks :)
Gwyneth 28th Aug 2020 Volunteer
Thanks for your comments Liliana, our clients comments, men and women, were very varied, after they had filled the form in some of them said "I liked doing that I feel better now, I have got it off my chest " who would have thought that just writing your feelings down on paper would make them feel better, I loved those comments. Just going to write down my feelings now, just joking, or am I ! Gwyneth
DT 27th Aug 2020 National Diversional Therapist
This is a great Idea as I am only full in dt this helps me to make the residents day more interesting thanks heaps
Gwyneth 28th Aug 2020 Volunteer
Hello DT thanks for your comments, we had some good comments from our clients, men and women, some of them vision impaired, it was a good way to find out how they are feeling during this pandemic, it was good. nice hearing from you