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Father's Day is a very special celebration and planning a program with specific activities will help make the day stress-free and enjoyable for residents, guests, friends and family.

Another benefit of having a program is the fact that it provides a point of reference and suggested time-frames; no guessing or last minute choice of presenters or background music.

The celebration can be a simple morning tea, a special BBQ lunch, a picnic in the park or a themed party such as Luau or Mexican fiesta, or a Western Party.

The presentation of Father's Day cards should be for every male in the room, even if they never married or had any children. People are often compelled to 'mother' or 'father' someone in their lifetime.

The background music should be happy and non-intrusive. I recommend instrumental music such as: Acker Bill, Ray Conniff Orchestra, Richard Clayderman or Bert Kaempfert Orchestra. These were very popular in the 50s and 60s and will have everybody humming along to the melodies. Remember that background music should not be loud.

Here are some of the points to remember when planning your program:

  1. Invite relatives, including grandchildren and great-grandchildren.
  2. Make appropriate decorations the week before the event
  3. Organize a special lunch or morning tea
  4. Make lots of cards to give to Dads on the day
  5. Make posters announcing the event
  6. Choose the Master of Ceremonies (MC)
  7. Choose someone to read a poem
  8. Organize a group of staff to sing for the residents (accompanied by a guitar or karaoke style). Rehearse well!
  9. Ask your residents what their favourite songs are and compile a CD to play on the day
  10. Invite guest speakers if possible
  11. Invite children to play games with residents. Separate the audience into two groups to cheer each team when a game is being played.
  12. Choose background music for the day
  13. Involve relatives in the program
  14. Send a Father's Day Program to each family and resident

See our sample program for more ideas.

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