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sandra 8th Feb 2011 training diversional therapist
We have started these in our facility, in the rest home and also in the secure wing, they are very good for calming the mind, and like i tell all the residents, it dosnt matter which colours you choose they still look fantastic, we have been colouring them in, then glueing them onto cardboard, cutting them out and then glueing 2 of them back to back, putting a hole in the top, threading threw some string and then hanging them from the cealing in the lounge areas, the residents just love them, and we have had requests also for them to be hung in their rooms. Very very popular activitie x
Kristin 27th Oct 2010 diversional therapist
I leave mandalas in the tables in our hostel for the residents to do over the weekend. They love to do them. We then put them on display so they can show off their creativity. They sit and discuss the colours and patterns. I have found many mandalas in the books that travelling book sellers place in the staff room.