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Kerry Bickerton 17th Feb 2012 Recreation Activities Officer


Hi Julie
We are fortunate to have a diverse cultural staff so I am calling on them to provide me with items for a cultural display. We will also have a special morning tea.
Have you checked out the ideas section on the Harmony Day website?
They have ideas and you can also receive Harmony packs free.
kerry 6th Sep 2011 Recreation Activities Officer


Hi everyone
I am in need of some VERY SIMPLE recipies to attempt with my residents (low Care). I ask for simple recipies because I am such a bad cook!Hope to see some post soon.
kerry 4th Nov 2010 Recreation Activities Officer

How to Start an Advent Morning Tea Tradition

What a beautiful and simple idea. I love that you have used Australian native flowers that can be found in most nursing home gardens. I am sure that my residents will love making one of these wreaths for Advent
kerry 19th Aug 2010 Recreation Activities Officer


Thanks Solange for postcards exchange section. I hope this will generate a lot of interest and excitement within facilities and forge ties with other facilities.
I would like to make special mention of Elizabeth's bio from Feilding from New Zealand.
Her love for her work shone brightly. She is an absolute inspiration for anyone- including me that sometimes becomes discouraged within the workplace. You have made my day Elizabeth!
Cheers Kerry
kerry Bickerton 23rd Jul 2010 Recreation Activities Officer


Hi Solange
Our Residents love to receive post cards from other facilities.The cards generate a lot of discussion.I wold love to exchange postcards with other aged care organisations around Australia & New Zealand.Can you facilitate this in any way?
kerry 1st Oct 2009 Recreation Activities Officer

Work Instructions and Procedures

We have a manual similar this this in our facility. We also provide a list of regular participants so that staff filling in on holidays or if activity staff are sick etc know who to
ask to the activity