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Personal Carer/Diversional Therapy From New South Wales, Australia

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Margaret 10th Aug 2015 Personal Carer/Diversional Therapy


I am looking at entering back into the Aged Care sector after a 5 year absence and just need to update with the industry to see where things are at NOW....I previously worked in a Queensland nursing home/ Hostel whereby I was involved in daily activities for clients with Dementia as well as other residents....I also took on rolls of assistant with podiatry and also some physio .... Then organising activities for residents etc, etc.....Just want to know if much has changed in this area ...Thank you for such a wonderful website I always found it to be full of great activities and advise from many who work in the Aged Care sector.... Appreciate your welcome feedback..
Marg 4th Sep 2009 Personal Carer/Diversional Therapy


Thankyou Solange I find your information so valuable as I have now been assigned to the Dementia unit at our Hostel with a lot to try to organise, your site has been invaluable to me.. I feel that I can try to bring life and breathe back to those... who live within at least giving them the option to join in what ever activity I undertake with them. Some times it works sometimes not. It's all a learning experience. I find that I get back so much from certain residence when I give to them either one on one time or a different type of morning tea, etc. They really don't expect much when you think about it.
Once again keep up the good work and communication to us all, I appreciate it.
Marg . x