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DT From Victoria, Australia

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Jenny 14th May 2011 DT


Why does everyone think our job is a walk in the park. I am sure that you are all like me, thinking about the job 24/7. I have no where to hang my hat, and like anyone who does our job, I totally love it,the residents are like family to me.
Jenny 9th May 2011 DT


Hi I was wondering what is the staff /resident ratio at other facilities in a low care nursing home on outings? Thanks Cheers Love the site.
Jenny 5th Sep 2010 DT

How to host a Hawaiian Luau Party

Thank you for this segment. We are planning a cocktail mock tail with an Hawaiian theme, for the past months we have been collecting dried flowers and making our own leis, plus scouting the op shops for those lovely hawaiian shirts, will let you know how it turns out.