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judy 15th Dec 2010 Gerontologist


love your work as always....can you help have now a large proportion of residents who want to do things but can hardly see - need success at end of activity to keep self esteem high - running out of ideas!!! thanks....Judy
judy 10th Jun 2010 Gerontologist

hi Solange

We recently held a teddy bears picnic and it was a huge success! We held it as our theme for the Biggest morning tea and raised $500. Every resident brought their teddy bears to the morning tea, we had teddy bear biscuits and honey cakes, and the residents made huge paper flowers and honey bees to decorate the tables and hang across the room (because of course bears eat honey which comes from the flowers). There were lucky door prizes (tiny bears of course) and raffles (bears). Weeks afterwards and the residents are still talking about the morning tea and many of the bears have become their favourites and even come to lunch with some of them now. It was a lovely morning and there were also prizes for the largest, smallest, best dressed etc bears that came along. Cheers, J, NSW
Judy 10th Jun 2010 Gerontologist

Teddy bears picnic

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judy 2nd Mar 2010 Gerontologist


Great site keeps getting better. Can we have some more info on doing good notes eg 1:1 documentation.
Judy nsw
judy 12th Jan 2010 Gerontologist

Australian Bookmarks for Australia Day

So glad I joined up to your very useful and fun site! thanks - Judy nsw
judy 12th Jan 2010 Gerontologist


Great Australia day activities - the bookmarks are wonderful - so glad I joined up to your very useful and fun site! thanks - Judy nsw
judy 15th Oct 2009 Gerontologist

Pot Decoration

this is a great idea!!
judy 9th Sep 2009 Gerontologist

How to write Progress Notes

fabulous,thanks so much...looking forward very much to the identifying needs, writing goals write up.
judy 24th Aug 2009 Gerontologist


great website - just been told by a quality improvement contractor on site that a one on one can be 5 mins and counts?? i was under impression it was 30minutes and could be spread over the day? im in nsw. Any ideas? thanks
judy 24th Aug 2009 Gerontologist

Bow Ties for Father's Day and Special Events

these look great - thanks