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Donna 5th Aug 2013 Lifestyle Coordinator


I would like to respond to Chantal's Question about retail therapy for aged care residents. I don't know what state Chantal is in but I use Jasfa Mobile Fashions. The shop is located on Caloundra and the ladies travel up and down the coast visiting all aged care facilities.
Contact details Denise:0414716471 or Samone: 0448261465
Hoping this helps with your situation.
Donna 15th Jun 2013 Lifestyle Coordinator


I desperately need ideas for one of my clients who's dementia is causing chaos. (She has pulled out all the plants in the garden including sprinkler systems, pulls of screen doors, curtain's etc..
Her vision is very poor and she chants loudly all day while pacing.
I've tried fidget boards, sensory aprons, folding washing, stuffed toys to cuddle while pacing all day, headphones Could anyone please suggest something else? I need to prevent an injury to herself or others. Thanks Donna. Activities Officer (Age Care Special Wing)
Donna 19th Jul 2012 Lifestyle Coordinator


Hi Carol,
You can purchase fiddle boards from
but you can make them much cheaper yourself. I recently purchased wooden nuts & bolts kit for $16 from
I have 6 fiddle boards in our special wings.I got all the timber donated and Bunnings donated the odds and ends to mount on the boards.
One of our residents painted up the boards, and screwed everything in place with a little assistance from us marking out what we wanted where, and cutting off any screws from behind. We had a hinged door front with door knob on them, with pictures on the inside of tools and other things they would of had in their own workshops to promote further conversation and reminsicing opportunities. Found it well worth the effort. The other thing I do is we have a woodworking morning tea out in the courtyard where the men sand wooden bolcks to make childrens toys. A few just watch and say they are the supervisors. Lots of fun!

Regards Donna.

Donna 5th Jul 2012 Lifestyle Coordinator


Does anyone know if there is a standard ratio for the number of staff supervisers providing duty of care to residents on a community outing?
What are other people doing?
Donna 4th Jul 2012 Lifestyle Coordinator


I am looking for suggestions for contents of a pallative care box.
What reources are other members using and finding effective?
Hope you can help!
Donna 11th Jan 2012 Lifestyle Coordinator


You are my lifesaver! I have found your actiity ideas very useful with my monthly planning and newlsetters.
I am planning a birthday party for a 102 year old male resident. Can you please help with suitable group games to use at the party?
Donna 12th Sep 2010 Lifestyle Coordinator

Responding to concerning behaviour

Hi Solange
One of my clients constantly calls out for attention non stop very loudly you can hear her all over the place. Once she knows your name or reads your name tag you are the next fixation. I have tried one on one visits, hand massages and reading to her but it's only calming her while she's getting the attention. I have over 115 clents I can't just stay with her, any suggestions?
HELP! going bonkers
Donna 5th Nov 2009 Lifestyle Coordinator


Hi Solange
I'm very new to aged care so I'm checking in regularly and feel like I have a new best friend.
We all enjoyed the Melb Cup activities, Thanks so much.