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maria 24th Nov 2016

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I record it as 1:1 emotional support. Sometimes residents just need someone to listen to them in an unhurried fashion. It promotes trust and may also serve as a way to encourage participation.
maria 17th Aug 2016

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You could try reminiscing about any special prayers, Sunday school and church picnics. Did they use Rosary beads? Do they remember their first communion, confirmation? How about favourite hymns? What do they feel when they see photos of young animals or beautiful sunsets/nature? Have they been to other religious services/weddings etc and noticed the difference to their own? Do they remember what priests,nuns or clergymen wore? eg habit,wimple,dog collar. I hope this has been of some help.
maria 22nd Jul 2016

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I believe Maxwell Smart used the phrase "Good thinking 99"
maria 31st May 2016

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You can pretty these up with fancy duct tape they sell in Office Works too.
maria 22nd Mar 2016

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I have printed the poster using different coloured paper and it looks fantastic! I am also laminating them so i can use them again. Thank you
maria 29th Dec 2015

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In 1915 in Australia the average age was 24 compared to 37 today.

In 1915 the Northern Territory had the oldest median age (41.7) with Tasmania the youngest (22.4). A century later this has reversed with Tasmania having the oldest median age (40.8) and Northern Territory the youngest (31.5)

In 1915 men outnumbered women by more than 161,000. Today women outnumber men by 105,000.

The number of aged pensioners has increased by more than 31 times in a century from 72,949 to 2.3 million.

The percentage of the population aged under 15 has halved over the last 100 years.

Over the last 100 years the population has increased from just under 5 million to almost 24 million today.

In 1915 there were just 2,465 university students while today there are almost 1.2 million.

In 1915 a loaf of bread cost 3 1/2 pence, milk was 3 pence a litre.

In 1915 82% of the population were Australian born today it is 71%.
Just a few facts I found on the net....hope it is useful.
maria 28th Nov 2009

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Instead of small shovels you could use second hand spoons and forks.
maria 28th Nov 2009

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Hear in South Australia we are called Lifestyle Coordinators/Assistants.Maria