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kirsten 9th Jun 2022 Activities Coordinator


Thank you so much Susan for the goldencarers links. I have found them very help for other residents but the person I need to do the care plan for. My resident has no family, no contacts I can ring to asks the necessary questions. Sleeps almost all day, is peg feed, and is non communitive. So far I have read to him from a memories magazine, kept his finger nails neat and trimmed, given hand massages and used a essential oil diffuser. I also make a point of stopping by just to say hello before and after my shifts. I document all of this in his progress notes. I'm sure I could implement what I do into a care plan. Thanks again.
kirsten 2nd Jun 2022 Activities Coordinator


Hi all. I'm seeking some help with an activities care plan for a resident who is palliative care, our care plans include spiritual/physical/social/intellectual & community goals and objectives. I've never had to do one for a resident who is at end of life so I'm hoping someone out there is able to assist. Any help/ suggestions or comments would be much appreciated.
kirsten 16th Aug 2016 Activities Coordinator

How to Conduct an Activities Survey

This is awesome. Thank you so much for refreshing my memory.
kirsten 9th Aug 2016 Activities Coordinator


Hi all :)
My head of department has asked me to design an "Activity Survey" for our residents to complete ……. I have done these in the past but as silly as it sounds "my mind has gone blank" Any hints that you have that may refresh my memory would be greatly appreciated.
Cheers Kirsten
kirsten 14th Aug 2010 Activities Coordinator


Hi all. I would like to put my workplace address forward to the postcard exchange/penpal idea. We are currenlty in the process of having a dementia unit added to our facility and feel this would be great for ALL our residents.