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Marjana McCormack 28th Aug 2013 Lifestyle Coordinator

Hi, Have you considered getting in touch with The Department of Health and Ageing ? Invite the Accreditation Agency to pay your facility a visit ! I am a Lifestyle Coordinator at 52 Resident aged care facility and My Daily Activity program for my Residents must be adhered to. Occasionally there are staff meetings that are covered by lifestyle assistant and I would run the activity and postpone my admin duties for later. We must advocate for our residents !
Marjana 18th Mar 2010 Lifestyle Coordinator

Words in Words Game

Hi. We play ward game
Rules: no less than four letter words,no plurals and no proper nouns
We will try PEDESTRIAN
Marjana 4th Oct 2009 Lifestyle Coordinator

10 Daily Living Activities for Dementia Care

I am planing of getting a small washing basket and filling it in with "washing" (baby clothes,socks, hankies ect) for sorting and after adding few drops of essential oil sensory activity.