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lifestyle manager From Victoria, Australia

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clayton 4th Nov 2011 lifestyle manager


you have had such a bad experience not all aged care homes are the same.

I'd like you to consider giving me a call as I'm looking for someone who may be interested in bineg employed on a casual basis to cover my staff when they are on annual leave or on sick leave. I need a couyple of people actually who have had experiece as lifestyle workers.

I can be contacted on 9895 5562. I'm the lifestyle manager at Inala Village in Blackburn Sth. and I have a great team of lifestyle Recreational Acitvity Officers working for me.

Hope to hear from you

Clayton Saunders
clayton 12th Jan 2011 lifestyle manager


Thanks for the advice on the jigsaws, i'm sure i will find it valuable when i get time to use it, i'll let you know how i go, Thanks again Kelly
clayton 10th Jan 2011 lifestyle manager


Hi everyone my name is Kelly from Blackburn, Melbourne. im in need of jigsaw puzzles for Dementia residents, i've found a couple in certain web sites but they retail at about $100.00 + i am after something abit cheaper, they need to be suitable for 2nd stage dememtia residents. Any help with this would be greatfully appreciated. Thanks Kelly DT.
clayton 10th Jan 2011 lifestyle manager

Intrusive Behavior Care Plan Sample

i have a resident who is in the 2nd stage of demensia, he has worked hard all his life and gets confused when staff wont do as he says. He likes to work with his hands and we have tried all kinds of activities with him( building activities,puzzles,workshopping, ect but he soon losses interest, any help with new activities would be appreciated. ( Ideas ) Kind regards Kelly