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Kellie-Anne 23rd May 2012 Personal carer Assistant

Recycled Magazine Scrapbooks

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Recycled Magazine Scrapbooks
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Kellie-Anne 15th Nov 2010 Personal carer Assistant

How to make horses for the ‘Race Horse’ game:

I made this for our residents for Melbourne Cup. They had a ball lots of fun and laughter was had. Wonderful idea
cheers kellie
Kellie-Anne 4th Nov 2010 Personal carer Assistant

Horse Race Floor Game

I made this game for our resdients ...... residents and staff had a ball playing it lots of fun and laughter........wonderful idea thank you
cheers Kellie
Kellie-Anne 17th Jun 2010 Personal carer Assistant

Sample Weekly Program for Memory Care

great program !!
Kellie-Anne 16th Feb 2010 Personal carer Assistant

Easy Gardening Activities

This is a wonderful idea i have been doing gardens for the past 12 months started with small pots outside residents rooms and now have a large veggies patch were residents can grow their own veggies...... I have very happy resdients yayaya

Cheeers Kellie :~)
Kellie-Anne 23rd Dec 2009 Personal carer Assistant


This site is wonderful many mnay great idea's
thank you so much :~)