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Gail 13th Mar 2011 activities officer


Hi Debi, we had an Ekka day last year. We had some residents decorate and fill small bags with goodies eg: small chocs, chips, as sample bags, also played games such as knock em downs also had a art and craft exhibition with residents displaying their craft and had other residents and staff judge the 1st , 2nd ,3rd and gave winners a certificate and scratchies/choc. the residents loved the fairy floss , you may be able to find someone who has a small fairy floss machine and make your own a lot cheaper i\'m sure. how about having small animal nursery visit . good luck gail
Gail 14th Nov 2010 activities officer

Wooden Branch Christmas Trees

This looks great and so simple to do.we are making a "christmas memory tree". A card size piece of cardboard and in the centre a handwritten" christmas memory".Then decorate with stickers,glitter,paint etc aroung the edge of the card. We plan to attach them to a christmas tree . Could also make a "christmas memory wall" attach the cards to a piece of coloured hessian and hang it up on a wall.
Gail 7th Nov 2010 activities officer


Hi Jessica, doing my Certificate IV in community services(lifestyle and leisure) through Bremer TAFE,located in ipswich Qld. Doing this via correspondence, is great as I work fulltime and can do this in my spare time.I volunteer at an aged care facility as hours are required to be completed in a facility as a part of the course. Good Luck. Hope you find a course to suit you. Regards Gail
Gail 5th Nov 2010 activities officer


Hi, Just thought others would like to know that the queensland government have made the 7th of November "grandparents Day". Recognising grandparents in our community. 2010 is the first year. Realise it is a bit late to tell you but you now know for next year. I volunteer at an aged care facility and we have printed certificates to give to the residents. Go to qld govt"grandparents day" site and you will find posters ,certificates that can be downloaded .
Gail 29th Apr 2010 activities officer

Scent Guessing

Hi, we have done something similar, but we included items that the residents have to feel. Items such as cloths pegs, coins( aussie 50c is tricky) rice , pasta etc. Things that ladies in particular, may have used at home everyday.