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Debbie 19th Apr 2016 Co-ordinator

Mixed Media Collages for the Elderly

We have introduced a similar activity at my workplace , it's called SoulCollage(R) and involves using images from magazines, moving them around on a mat board until the desired arrangement is achieved and then gluing down. The result is an individual piece which we then talk about and it is especially good to use with dementia clients, we talk about what they see in the images and how they feel. It can be very therapeutic and healing.
Debbie 12th Apr 2016 Co-ordinator

Building a Thriving Volunteer Program: A 7-Step Guide

Very helpful, Much appreciated
Debbie 15th Sep 2015 Co-ordinator


maybe consider getting some old tools that need maintenance, oiling, sharpening etc, sorting through nuts and bolts, sanding wooden toys and children's wooden toys, refreshing old timber frames, we struggle too with activities for males in a day respite centre.
Debbie. 8th Dec 2010 Co-ordinator

Recycled Magazine Christmas Trees

thanks, these trees were great! we used these for all ages from school children to our aged people of our community to make them for our clients to be as a centre peice for the table at their christmas party, we also made some more that wentthanks so much look forward to anymore ideas of this value to make for their contribution to the festive season they certainly have been a large talking point in our groups
so once again thank you for the ideas from cheryl RAO