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Christine 11th Jan 2011


We arent able to have wooden puzzles at our facility due to infectious diseases control. Wooden puzzles sometimes cannot be cleaned without damaging the picture. Does anyone else have the same measures in place for resources?
Christine 10th Jan 2011


Hi Ive purchased 2 great ones from they are made from recycled tyres and plastic bottles can be wiped for infection control. Hope that hepas
Christine 11th Nov 2010


To Maryann I work as an Activities Officer in a 9 bed residential high care MPS (multi purpose service) I have 20 hours which is group activities,one on one, admin and also some community contact.I work 4 days x 5 hours.
Christine 25th Oct 2010

Melbourne Cup Hats

Hi we are going to make these tomorrow I purchased nice artificial flowers from a discount store and some lovely butterflies!
Christine 15th Aug 2010


be nice to network really Kirsten I find theres very little support sometimes for DTs
Christine 14th Aug 2010


Im like pauline can you let me know about postcards?
Christine 4th Mar 2010


Im organising an IWD lunch at our small club. I will be having the ladies from our care centre be bought for the lunch and the one is 98 she is the oldest lady in our community so I will have her cut the cake and give her a special certificate and gift. The next oldest is 92 so Ill also do something special for her.
Christine 4th Mar 2010

International Women’s Day Quiz

thank you for this I think Id try and add some aboriginal ladies who have made some in roads as well
Christine 31st Jan 2010

Lanterns for Chinese New Year

Great project and one all can be involved with
Christine 28th Jan 2010

Identifying Needs of Clients entering Long Term Care

I am so pleased to have found your website and the information here. Thank you.