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Consultant From Badeb Württemberg, Germany

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Peter 23rd May 2018 Consultant

14 tips for communicating with people who have hearing loss

From Peter Kindermann, Germany

Hello Thalita,
I found Your article and the different proposals very interesting. Here a short report on my experience:
I have to look after an older women (92 years old), with whom the communication is practically impossible because she hears very, very bad. That’ s why I startet the little communication we have in a written form.
.. I write a very short sentence with an edding pencil on paper and
.. then I show it to Anna (her eyes are still very good)
... and she answers with yes, no or short sentences.
...This way I can have at least a minimum communication.

I am very happy having found this possibility to communicate with Anna, who can’t work with a hearing apparatus.
This for today.
Hoping to see you end of October in Australia
With kind regards
Uncle Peter
Peter 21st Nov 2011 Consultant

Name Change of Countries and Places

Hallo Solange,
this was a good idea!!

Viele Grüsse

Peter 19th Jun 2010 Consultant


Dear Solange,
Your idea to describe the borschtsch-soupe and to cook it as a remedy against homethickness is great; you are making a wonderful job!
We will copy your recipy and the idea to offer the meal to a group of old an ill persons (Altersheim) in Stuttgart.
We like your work and will continue the membership in your association.
Best regards

Peter and Ute (Ditzingen, Germsny)19.6.2010 8:00h
Peter 4th Feb 2010 Consultant

Words in Words Game

This is a wonderfull game, we call it in in our famaly in Germany "Worte herausholen" (= Make words out of it). We played it after the last war(1945) in the time in wich it was not possible to buy other games. Today we like to play the game sitting in the train or waiting for the meal in a restaurant.
Peteer Kindermann 31st Jan 2010 Consultant


A very interesting site.
I will join your group