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Recreation Therapist From New South Wales, Australia

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Pauline 20th Sep 2016 Recreation Therapist

Read-Aloud: Audience Participation Story #1

We have school kids come and read to residents and also a volunteer comes in once a week to read, residents really enjoy it....
Pauline 18th May 2016 Recreation Therapist


Hi I did mine with Lismore tafe by distance Education
Pauline 19th Apr 2016 Recreation Therapist


Thankyou Maurice that helps a lot .....
Pauline 15th Apr 2016 Recreation Therapist


Looking at purchasing ipads/ tablets for my residents and was wondering what is the best to put music etc on if I get Ipads do I have to use ITunes or can I transfer some other way..
let me know what you have and what works best..
Thankyou Pauline
Pauline 7th Apr 2016 Recreation Therapist

Cooking Aromas for Senior Care

In my facility, if we make something the kitchen won't serve it but we can serve and it is ok, I know doesn't make sense but they won't take the responsibility.
So if we make pies or biscuits or whatever it is as long as I or the nurses are willing to give it out it's ok..... ( the world has gone crazy....LOL0
Pauline 9th Mar 2016 Recreation Therapist


I have been asked if there is anything I need for activities as my workplace has a surplus and this is very rare that they ask me what I need for diversional therapy there any thing your facility has brought or would like to buy that will be beneficial to the residents, I have said ipads ..... your opinions and ideas would be greatly appreciated......