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Recreation officer From New South Wales, Australia

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Patricia 3rd Nov 2015 Recreation officer

Balloon Games

We have been playing this game with fly swatter and parashut with balloons they all enjoy it and a lot of giggles from both genger
Patricia 22nd Aug 2015 Recreation officer

How to say Grandma and Grandpa in different languages

Hi in Malta grandparents, Nanna and Nannu for both
Patricia 9th Mar 2014 Recreation officer


Hi Everyone,
At our facility we have been asked to do adult looking craft and art nothing that looks kindergarten. We are no longer to put craft on the wall. We can do centre pieces on the tables or table mats for each monthly theme. They are arranging for cork boards for our main decoration to go on the wall. Wondering if any one can give me some ideas for April our theme for this month is of cause is Easter Regads Patricia
Patricia 15th Jan 2013 Recreation officer


Hi Debbie, We brought 2 wii for our nurseing home they were just not interested in useing them we sold them both. If somone has one they don't mine you useing it to see what responce to get before buying one Trisha
Patricia 16th Apr 2012 Recreation officer

Recycled Dream Spring Tree

Hi We did two spring trees and we cut out butterfly between them it was a great success (Illawong NSW) thank you plan to do another one next spring. Didn't take it down untill end of summer.