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Filidea 16th Nov 2015 D/T


We give our residents Calendars from the $2 shop, and talcum powder or hand cream from Avon.
If you contact any AVON rep they may donate free of charge or otherwise they are cheap to buy usually on special just before Christmas @1.99 each.

Filidea 4th Feb 2015 D/T

Advocacy & The Rights of Elders

Hi Solanage.
I am not sure if you are aware, but the Charter of Residents Rights has now been changed and the new name is, "Charter of Care Recipient's Rights and Responsibilities" - for residential care.
This has recently been updated from the Department of Social services, Australia Government under the Aged Care Act 1997, Schedule 1 User Rights Principles 2014.
You might want to look into this.
Filidea 13th Jan 2015 D/T

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Filidea 2nd Oct 2014 D/T


Another great and cheap Idea to add to your men's group is to go to Bunnings and buy a $9.95 plastic (very sturdy and safe) hose reel that can be put together and pulled apart once finished.
This encourages group discussion between the group and a sense of purpose as i tell my Men in the group that i need a strong male to help me put it together and we need a new hose reel for the garden.
Filidea 25th Sep 2014 D/T


Hi Helen.
I would enlarge a picture of a horse and a cowboy or cowboy sitting on a horse and get the residents to colour in then sew around it , cut and stuff it with filling then hang from ceiling or around the place. We do this with most of our decorations as each resident can participate to their abilities and creativity and feel they have contributed in some way.
Filidea 23rd Sep 2014 D/T


For those of you in Victoria here is a contact of a young lady who started her own Mobile Men's group. She realised there was a need for men's activities in aged care.
Her name is Erika Blackett from Forever Young mobile men’s group – 0423 434 444 .
We use her services twice a month and the residents look forward to her session.
Filidea 5th Oct 2013 D/T

How to celebrate AFL Grand Final

For all you Victorian members, contact Simon from Eldertainment who will come out to your facility for an VFL/AFL visual display. He brings his own big projector screen and shows footage from the1970's Carlton vs. Collingwood grand final and footage of all the greats like Lou Richards, Bob Davis, Jack Dyer, Ted Whiten ect.. and also all the music to the theme songs. The residents loved it and it brings back so many memories of there great sporting hero's.
Best $100.00 well spent!!!
His number is :0435785335. Simon Trewarne.
Please go on his website to see other visual interactive displays and entertainers he provides.
Filidea 19th Jul 2013 D/T

Hello Robert and to all fellow Golden carers members.
I found this wonderful lady by the name of Erika Blackett , who founded "Forever Young" Mobile men's shed. It was a wonderful experience for our male residents who were engaged for nearly 2hrs. Topics included were Sports, automobile, gardening and gadgets. She even brought a simple hole reel that you can purchase from Bunnings warehouse for $9.95 for them to assemble. We got some great ideas from her to set up and use for future men's groups . Her number is : 0423 434 444. Unfortunately she is Melbourne based. She is well worth the price for the time she is there. Some of our male residents are non commutative, really came out of their shell. That was a priceless moment.
Regards Fil.
Filidea 18th Jan 2013 D/T

Reflection Box

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Filidea 2nd Nov 2012 D/T

Recycled hats for Horse Racing Days

Hi Shirley.
No, the hot glue will not melt the plastic plate as it will be covered.