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Matthew Flinders Home 3rd Mar 2023 Diversional therapist

AFL Tipping 2024

Arent there supposed to be 23 rounds?
Matthew Flinders Home 17th Sep 2018 Diversional therapist


Hi, I was wondering what others do for grandparents day.
Matthew Flinders Home 20th Mar 2018 Diversional therapist


Hi Morgan,
Getting volunteers involved is a wonderful idea. Here we have a planned activity form where who ever has planned and is going to run the activity fills in with all the details from what supplies are needed, where to find everything, special items ordered, what care recipients they had in mind to join the activity and so forth. This way if anyone is to call in sick this activity can still go a head as planned, the volunteer or whoever picks up your role can grab the planning sheet and know what is needed and where to get all the supplies.
Matthew Flinders Home 22nd May 2017 Diversional therapist


Hello, I was wondering what other facilities do for World Elder Abuse Day? It's obviously not something people celebrate but is something that should be brought to people's attention. Any ideas would be appreciated. Lani
Matthew Flinders Home 3rd Apr 2017 Diversional therapist


Hi Karen, we are interested in writing letters. My email is [email protected].
If you could email me further details, that would be great.
Thanks Lani
Matthew Flinders Home 20th Mar 2017 Diversional therapist


Hi Karin,
We would also be interested in starting a pen pal/email relationship with your seniors facility. I would also have to check with work /boss. If interested, could you please send details.
Matthew Flinders Home 6th Feb 2017 Diversional therapist

Mobile library Trolley

Great idea! I will be definitely be suggesting this at my work place.