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Hi,my name is Rhonda and i work as a Diversional therapist a Teata Rest home in Teawamutu new Zealand.
We have just had a very exciting Oktoberfest day at the rest home.
The day started off with morning tea with a blackforrest mini muffin, followed by our guest a yodeler, teaching us all to yodel, she said, people are either born to yodel or not. some did extremely well for the first time
we had a yummy barvarian lunch, then a floor skittle game ,8 pictures of picturesque places in Germany, placed on the floor with a skittle on top. The resident needed to knock the skittle down to get the picture card and read on the back of the card all the info on what the picture was about.
After the game we did the chicken dance, with my other Diversional as she is German lady and we were both dressed traditional in long skirts and long aprons with lacy white blouses.
lots of polkas songs coming from the piano accordionist,accompanied with refreshments of non alcoholic German beer and pretzels.
lots of fun fun fun and laughter from us all, the residents sang songs eg lili Marlane,wooden heart by Elvis and seaman by Lolita learned prior to the day.

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Rhonda 11th Apr 2015 diversional therapist

Collection of Fun Riddles

Thank you my residents just love these they look forward to them , if we don't know the subject i get my i pad out and show them the answers this way we are all learning new things lol . keep them coming. Very challenging . Shkyna from nz