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Leisure & Lifestyle Therapist From Tasmania, Australia

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Debbie 22nd Apr 2021 Leisure & Lifestyle Therapist

What Are They Thinking Game

fantastic game it was lots of fun
Helen 11th Aug 2016 Leisure & Lifestyle Therapist

Olympic Games Quiz

Done the quiz this afternoon, so many residents knew so much about previous Olympics. It was great fun.
Helen 3rd Nov 2010 Leisure & Lifestyle Therapist

Horse Race Floor Game

We played this game on Melbourne Cup Day but had plastic felt covereed horses. They looked liked real horses, everyone gave them names and we ran heats and eventually had a cup final. Everone both in low and high care enjoed it immensley.
Helen 10th Jun 2010 Leisure & Lifestyle Therapist

Flower pot colouring-in

Hi my name is Helen.
My residents coloured many flower pots, we laminated these, hole punched the top corners, linked them together with ribbons tied into bows and then hung them throughout the facility as banners. We received many positive comments on how great they looked