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diversional therapist From Victoria, Australia

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colleen 28th Mar 2013 diversional therapist

Foliage & Floral Wreaths

Hi Suzy. you will usually find one or two people will find it too upsetting, i have one in my facility and we let him know that we are preparing the Anzac day activity so he can choose not to be there, he also chooses not to attend the service, others love it and do have a cry with the memories it brings but they wouldn't have it any other way, just find something else for those dementia clients to do that do have trouble with it.
colleen 13th Feb 2013 diversional therapist

Sensory Lap Quilt

Well done
colleen 5th Feb 2013 diversional therapist

Crochet and Knitting Club

We have this activity, fortnightly, depending on what project we have going at the time, it is a great interaction activity for staff and residents, our residents make things to sell on our craft stall and to put things in our local show, we have quite a big group now 12-15 somedays, they don't want the afternoon to finish, a big success
colleen 10th Jan 2013 diversional therapist

C'mon Aussie

well done, i have also decorated with flags etc, we had the local paper arrive for photos as a family member told them they needed to have a look at how wonderful our facility looked all decked out in australia memorabilia, residents and staff very proud of their effort, made it all worthwhile
colleen 17th Oct 2012 diversional therapist

Playdough Guessing Competition

thankyou christine, will definetly try this
colleen 25th Jul 2012 diversional therapist

Armchair travel with Google Maps

wow that sounds fantastic, definitly will try, thankyou for sharing
colleen 23rd May 2012 diversional therapist

Recycled Magazine Scrapbooks

thankyou i make scrapbooks out of old calenders, but this is a new twist on this that i can also do, thanks again for sharing