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Karen 10th Aug 2022 Lifestyle Therapist


Hi I have a new resident who was born in Israel and i would like to have a armchair travel day for her. Has anyone ever done something similar and could give me a few ideas. Thank you Karen
Karen 26th Sep 2017 Lifestyle Therapist


Love next years calendar. Lots of ideas. If printing just have to change Melbourne Cup to Tuesday from Wednesday. Keep up the good work/.
Karen 30th Nov 2016 Lifestyle Therapist

Two Minute Activities for Dementia Care

Nothing better than to see the look in their face when you give them a hug or hold their hand. To make them feel we care is so important.
karen 17th Jul 2014 Lifestyle Therapist

Fun Riddle 3

Hi Patricia, Log in and go to resources and go down to word games and they are all there. Karen
karen 3rd Oct 2013 Lifestyle Therapist

Fun Riddle 3

Have just tried the puzzles with my residents and they love them. They said something different. Karen