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Debi 30th Jan 2012 Lifestyle Coordinator

Cultural Presentation

Hi is there a specific multi culture day that we celebrate ? If so what date is it held on. Thanks Debi
Debi 28th Dec 2011 Lifestyle Coordinator

Cinderella Christmas Pantomime

HI Solange & All, Just to you all know our play was fantastic! the residents roared with laughter as did staff & family members.It was areal comedy act,and the costumes outstanding, for example the Prince was dressed with a mullet wig, blue singlet, thongs and shorts. I recommend every one to have a go. Cheers Debi.
Debi 15th Dec 2011 Lifestyle Coordinator

Cinderella Christmas Pantomime

wish us luck the staff are performing this play tomorrow , i will let you know how it goes. :)
Debi 18th May 2011 Lifestyle Coordinator


Hi Everyone,Just wanted to pass on some fund raising idea's that is raising money for our resi's. We do the chocolates, & have just started selling cans of drinks for $1.00 and a weekly meat& vegi raffle. Its working out great for us. Good Luck :)
Debi 11th Mar 2011 Lifestyle Coordinator


hi has anyone had a show day and if so what did it involve as we are having one in september and i would love some ideas thankyou debi
Debi 5th Sep 2010 Lifestyle Coordinator

Clown Day

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Debi 19th Aug 2010 Lifestyle Coordinator

Mobile Activities

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Debi 19th Aug 2010 Lifestyle Coordinator


Thanks Fiona I will ring around. Debi :)
Debi 13th Aug 2010 Lifestyle Coordinator


Hi everyone, just wanted to say once again i am really enjoying this site. Im a newly appointed Lifestyle Coordinator at a high care facility and we are having our annual clown day soon. Our lifestle girls & staff will all be dressed up in clown suits, we are having a magician coming in to entertain the residents & will be making popcorn,fairy floss,icecream cones in sherbert & sprinkles & spiders. Has anyone any other ideas please ? if so i would love you to share them. Thankyou Debi :)
Debi 18th Jul 2010 Lifestyle Coordinator

Golden Carers 1st Year Anniversary!

Hi Everyone,Just joined up recently and i am thrilled that i have . I have already gained so much info & love the Fathers day poem & Activities which i will use for the Gentlemen at our facility. Has anyone ideas one fund raising please as the only fund raiser we have is through chocolate sales. Thanks in anticipation of a reply. Debi