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Catherine 20th Nov 2014 Lifestyle & Wellness Coordinator

2014 Recreation Therapy Calendar

need 2015 now so we can get organised please.
Catherine 31st Oct 2011 Lifestyle & Wellness Coordinator


I am sorry when u are doing work placement the activity person should be explaining everything to u and not getting to do the same thing all the time. Also explaining paperwork
\We are not all like that sorry for you, it should be a good experience not a bad one. Catherine
Catherine 5th Sep 2011 Lifestyle & Wellness Coordinator


In reply to your question on hospital stay. At our Village a question asked in the Diversional Thearapy Personal Profile asks......
If you are in hospital would you like this published in the well wishes in the Resident Newsletter Yes NO
This way as long as they said yes other residents know why they have not seen them as they are in hospital but of course no other informayion is given. Hoped that helped Catherine.
Catherine 16th May 2011 Lifestyle & Wellness Coordinator


To all
Just read what I posted meant: that do all your work at work. I know at times we all do work at home but if we do this we are telling the bosses we can do all the work needed in the time given when we can't. I lot of us are not full time and have less hours to get things done keep a dairy of what you are doing at work so if the boss turns around and says why did you not get this done you can tell them exactly what you were able to do in the hours you are allocated. If you do want more hours but are doing the work at home (getting it done)the boss won't see the need.
Catherine D/T
Catherine 16th May 2011 Lifestyle & Wellness Coordinator


To all
Wow I have never came in to work and had so many comments from this forum in one morning. Yes Yes Yes are job is very hard and truly we are the only ones who know this. When i am on holidays someone might fillin for some activities as there is always an excuse staff sick so there was no one but when they do it is only for the activity and they write down the names of those who have attended. So they do think the job is as easy as anything. Only we know how much work is done behind the scenes. If you belong to a larger company with other Villages meet with them. I organise for the RAO's and D/Ts at my company to get together once every second month it is fantastic the ideas we share are great!
Also look for the D/T Australia Assoc local meetings for your area, this is a way to talk to others not related to your company but area. I chair the local group in my area and its great we have an educational every month and talking to others always helps. If some of you are having great trouble with no office or computer try to get yourself a laptop use this at work but placing the forms you use on it and try try try to organise the activities for time that you can do the work needed at home. Write a letter to the chairman of the company and ask for a computer with internet access ( I did and i did not believe it but got it) I was lucky. The main thing is for us all to talk to others and share so we do not think where alone and knock the socks of the accreditors each time they come so WE STAND OUT!
Catherine D/T
Catherine 10th May 2011 Lifestyle & Wellness Coordinator


To Jenny
I work for a low care facility bus holds 17.
Driver and me, but if it is an activity which I beleive will be difficult I will have less residents attend. Stil driver and me. Hope thats a help Catherine D/T.
Catherine 17th Sep 2010 Lifestyle & Wellness Coordinator


Helen found sound for health and multisensory very good as accreditation want sensory programs, its important. Did 2 days. Catherine
Catherine 23rd Jul 2010 Lifestyle & Wellness Coordinator


So excited with this site as a Diversional Therapist all the ideas are fantastic gives me extra ideas I can use in the low care hostel next month will do the ocean wall . It's great as the activity is mainly all windows and will do the activity so in and out look great. Catherine