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recreation therapist/care From New South Wales, Australia

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wendy 27th Sep 2010 recreation therapist/care


hi all ,would anyone out there have simple ideas to make /give to our volunteers, all in all we have approx. 20, so costing be minimal ?? Also ways to get "the blokes"out and interested in activities. In our facility we have the majority female residents ,tryed many different ideas for the guys ?? And hey wouldnt it be nice to have more male carers as well !! ? Thanks heaps for this web site ...loving it
wendy 24th Aug 2010 recreation therapist/care

Thank you speech for Volunteers

Thankyou so much for your speech idea. Does anyone have an idea/s for small personal gift to give out to our volunteers (approx.30in all) that we/residents and staff could put together and low costing also. Thankyou