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Shantell 3rd Sep 2015 Lifestyle CoOrdinator


Hi John

I run a male grooming activity once per month called the Barber shop. The men all have either thinning hair or are bald at our facility so I run the clippers over their hair, trim nose hair and ear hair with clippers designed for those parts, and trim up their eye brows. I also lather up using the old soap and brush ( one for each resident) their faces and give them a shave. I purchased all things required for the activity from the shaver shop and then in between all residents I clean with alcohol swaps. The men really enjoy coming along and they all sit in our hairdresser room around the wall and chat. Not only does the activity promote feelings of self worth but also Social interaction between the male resident
Shantell 21st Apr 2015 Lifestyle CoOrdinator


Hi Everyone

I did my training a few years ago now through my workplace. I had been working in the industry for years and needed to be trained so I went through Tamworth TAFE and it was via correspondence. To say it was difficult, is an understatement. I found that I had no-one to bounce ideas off or ask questions or be able to discuss what you were learning. And as i was already working in the field it made me second guess myself ALOT!!!! In hindsight if I ever had to retrain again, I would prefer classroom contact hours.
Shantell 21st Apr 2015 Lifestyle CoOrdinator


Hi Sam
Its not easy when you don't have the support you need to run a professional program. If you can get in contact with your local library they are a big help as when they decommission large print books and talking books you can go on a list and they will donate them to you for free. Also you can make Bingo Sets up using A4 paper and just a bit of time on a computer and laminate. Search the internet for trivia/ quiz questions to help run word game sessions. Internet is also great for different colouring pages and information for Arm chair travel sessions. I also place advertisements in our newsletters asking if family members are cleaning out craft supplies to please remember us as we can put things to good use. The Op shop is also good for board games and puzzles. I find the Large floor puzzle best for our high care and Dementia specific unit. Low care like the puzzles up to 100 piece. Hope this help you out a little bit
Shantell 25th Mar 2014 Lifestyle CoOrdinator

20 Activities for the Visually Impaired

Hi. We made a Bingo card for a vision Impaired resident. It was on a Timber board with a small lip, we used elastic to mark the squares, threaded through the edge lip of the board and all the numbers were raised. She eventually remembered the numbers she had, but it was fantastic.
Shantell 16th Oct 2013 Lifestyle CoOrdinator


I love love LOVE this site. there is so much information that if i am ever stuck for ideas i can ALWAYS find many many different things for my residents to do.
Shantell 16th Oct 2013 Lifestyle CoOrdinator

I think i am one of the lucky ones. I work for an organization that if i work outside my allocated hours, at MY choice, i bank the hours. So when they build up I can take time day off here and there and it doesn't affect my annual leave. But i have worked for organizations that do expect you to work in your own time for free and its not fair. They can see how much you care for your residents and take advantage of that. I know its hard but TRY to leave ontime and not take your work home with you.
Shantell 16th Oct 2013 Lifestyle CoOrdinator

if you have a small electric hot plate a great Idea is in a pot of water add Vanilla essence, nut meg and or cinamon. bring it to the boil and it smell like chocolate cake cooking. I found this while house hunting. People who were selling their house did it and it works a treat. Also Citrus aromatherapy oils are known for their appetite enhancing properties. Hope this helps
Shantell 16th Oct 2013 Lifestyle CoOrdinator

Ladies Discussion

we call our womens group C.A.M.E.O, which stands for Come Along and Meet Every One, the ladies get together and have a cuppa and chat, its also great for new residents to meet and make friends