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Robyn 13th Apr 2013 Lifestyle Coordinator


Hi, I saw a training film years ago about a facility who had staff take on a resident's role for the day, be in a wheelchair, act out their behaviours - calling out, rocking, etc, be fed, wait to go to the toilet. I found this film very interesting and have always remembered it. Does anyone else remember it and know where I could get a copy of it to show our staff. Thanks.
Robyn 13th Apr 2013 Lifestyle Coordinator


Hi, I saw a training film years ago where the staff had to be residents for the day. The staff had to play a resident's role - sit in a wheelchair, be fed, wait for some one to take them to the toilet. Does anyone remember this film and know where I can get a copy to show our staff.
Robyn 9th Apr 2012 Lifestyle Coordinator


hi everyone, i would like to set up a support group for families with a member with dementia. Any ideas how to run it would be gratefully received
Robyn 15th May 2011 Lifestyle Coordinator


I am very lucky where I work, except never having enough time to do all things properly. But another Lifestyle Manager gave me this advice, to do the best you can at the time and don't be hard on yourself. I love working in aged care, previous job was in a bank and now consider myself very lucky to have the job I have. So I try to stay positive and I have worked as a carer in disability so understand a bit about the care side, so try to help out when I can. I always say we don't get paid much so lets have a pleasant working environment, be nice to and support each other.
Robyn 19th Mar 2011 Lifestyle Coordinator


If you run a AFL football tipping competition with your residents. The season start next Thursday 24th March 2011. I charge $5 for the season though you can run a free one. I hand out a weekly tipping sheet with last week's results and the ladder on the back. A resident is helping to check the results. It is a lot of fun.
Robyn 28th Feb 2011 Lifestyle Coordinator


Hi, Just wondering if you have any information on what to put in a Snolzen room.

Thanks Robyn
Robyn 27th Jan 2011 Lifestyle Coordinator

2010 - The Year of the Tiger colouring -in

Hi, just to let you know - 2011 is the year of the rabbit.
Robyn 12th Jan 2011 Lifestyle Coordinator

Recycled Hoy Game

I have taken the aces out of the pack as ace and eight can sound the same and residents sometimes get confused.
Robyn 1st Nov 2010 Lifestyle Coordinator

Horse Racing Sweepstakes

Hi, I printed out your sweeps and completed about 5 of them. When I drew the horses, I found out you have only 23 lines on the sweep and there is 24 horses.