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Health & Leisure Activities From Victoria, Australia

About maggie: I have worked across different services including community care, disabilities, home care and aged care. I have studied extensively throughout my career and currently work with residents with high care and challenging behaviours. My philosophy is kindness and consideration of all people.

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maggie 13th Aug 2014 Health & Leisure Activities

Social & Cultural Profile Form

Thank you, this document is a useful tool for leisure and health
Maggie 19th Dec 2013 Health & Leisure Activities

End of Year Message 2023

Thanks ever so much Solange. The month of December is usually an even bigger challenge in the aged care sector. While many people celebrate others feel the pain of having no family to join. Thats why our roles in aged care and dementia care are so important.
We help help lift peoples spirits, spend lots of I to I time with them and join people together in this crazy season. Christmas Carols, singing and dancing, more formal style spiritual services all give people a lift. The most wonderful things happen in this area of work - a person with high care dementia will come out with Ava Maria in song and people always remember to old sytle routes and sunday school songs. It is such a joy to join in the whole purpose of Christmas by our practices of person centered care. Always know the persons story.
Love to all throughout the new year and into 2014.
Kindest Regards, Maggie
maggie 3rd Jul 2013 Health & Leisure Activities

International Flag Decorations

These flags will be great for International friendship day coming up. Well done.
Maggie 21st Nov 2011 Health & Leisure Activities


Yehhhhhhhhhhh! Totally agree, its fantastic to actually work in Diversional. Lots of challenges, lots of rewards - like seeing a person come out on top after depression. Lots of laughes, lots of challanges, lots of love given and received in turn. We have the best job in the world. Maggie
maggie 17th Oct 2010 Health & Leisure Activities

Lunch by the Bay

We have taken a group of people from my age care facility for this type of trip - drove to a local musical show, bought fish and chips for lunch and sat by the ocean taking in the view. It was a lovely day and the residents asked for the same again.