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tyrone 20th Oct 2010 lifestyle assistant

Crossword Puzzles for Group Setttings

One thing i do in the dementia wing with cross words is i get a small group and read the cross word clues to them and tell them how many letters ect they seem to respond better to this as it promotes cnversation and they try to work it out together
tyrone 19th Oct 2010 lifestyle assistant

one thing i tryed today with the men in our dementia unit was mosaics with small tiles we glued them to the top of an old small side table and are going to use it for the visitors register book outside out dementia wing and when we get around to grouting it, going to make a presentation to the d.o.n so the men get a feeling of making something worth while, we put the name of the facility in ours but could use pictures from colouring in as a guide
Tyrone 19th Oct 2010 lifestyle assistant


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tyrone 19th Oct 2010 lifestyle assistant

Hand Massage & Nail Care

the way i do hand and nail care is i have a tapestry make up case and do ti about once a fortnight in the afternoons i trim file and paint the nails or trim file and hand massage letting the ladies choose when i started doing this not many were interested now as soon as the ladies see the make up case i will be doing one lady and end up with a line of ladies waiting so i think that this is definatly working