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anna 3rd Jul 2011 Recreation Therapist


Hi Annie, I've been told the award if you have at least cert iv is $23.50. Some facilities do pay the correct award and its worth working for those that do pay correctly. I have worked in a few facilities and each time I greatly miss my previous residents and grow to "love" my new ones. I wouldn't work for less than the award as we already work hard enough and put in so many more hours which we don't get paid for and its because we do love what we do = Commitment.
anna 30th Dec 2010 Recreation Therapist


Hi my name is Anna.I've set up a trolley with nick nacks which i take around the facility 2-3 times a week for residents to purchase goodies.I have also made available cans of coke etc which i keep in my fridge for staff to purchase for $2 a can.The money raised from these two activities is separate from my monthly budget.I need to record this activity either on Excell or Ledger but am not quite sure how to record all this as well as fun raisers.The solution is probable staring me in the face,but i just feel i need YOUR input on how best to record these the way...i hate dealing with money...