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anne 17th Nov 2014 Recreational Activities Officer

What is Dementia? Alzheimer's Disease vs Dementia

I'm in my second semester of the Bachelor of Dementia care and it is proving to be wonderful. Lots of hard work but definately worth it. There is a course called "MOOC" which is a self paced introduction to the course and would be a great start for anyone looking at doing it.

anne 12th Mar 2014 Recreational Activities Officer

School Days Reminiscing Cards

What a lovely morning we had reminiscing about the old school days - it took us on such a wonderful journey.
anne 17th Jan 2011 Recreational Activities Officer

Scent Guessing

Hi, I did a scent memory session with Dementia residents. Old time smells such as Old Spice, Fishermans Friends, Lavendar Talc, 4711 Perfume!! It was great and got some old memories back the surface simply by smelling.