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diversional therapist From Canterbury, New Zealand

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Mary 12th Feb 2017 diversional therapist

Artful Puzzle

thanks love this site use it daily
Mary 15th Sep 2016 diversional therapist

American Indian Words Word Search

word searches are so popular with everyone
Mary 19th May 2016 diversional therapist

Fire Safety Word Search

my clients
love these
Mary 16th Feb 2016 diversional therapist

Balloon Tennis

we made bats out of wire coat hangers then covered them with panty hose[ the knee-highs] when discarded firstly you bend hangers to form a bat then put the knee highs on, great fun
Mary 16th Feb 2016 diversional therapist

March Quiz

we love all the quizzes you have on this site
mary 10th Jun 2012 diversional therapist


i love this site great ideas
mary 28th Apr 2012 diversional therapist


i too have a small budjet i have made lavendar bags to put on coat hangers i got every thing from $2 shop and spotlight mary
mary 7th Nov 2011 diversional therapist


from mary
can any person suggest a timetable for a dt with 2 areas to give activities i work very hard sometimes dont get the breaks i need 1 work 9 to 5 one area is diementia the other is residential i love this site i dont have a pool of volunteers and find that care staff complain that they need more activities ispend a lot of my own time preparing for the day
mary 15th May 2011 diversional therapist


i too have the same problem i have a lot of work that i have to use my computer at home.i am almost complete with DT training i too struggle to be heard
mary 19th Feb 2011 diversional therapist


I love this site i work as an activities co/ordinater from New Zealand iits very helpfull for activity planning