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activities worker From Victoria, Australia

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julie 19th Jul 2020 activities worker

We are connected Project

Thank you. Love this idea. I will do this with my people too.
julie 12th Jan 2016 activities worker

Brainstorming Words Game

Thank You. My clients get so much enjoyment out of these, they can'y get enough.
julie 18th Dec 2015 activities worker


Hi Jemma,

Have you thought about making a book on word searches various appropriate puzzles and colouring pages to keep them busy while you are away
julie 2nd Jun 2015 activities worker

IBingo Free

Thankyou i have been looking for something like this.
julie 17th Mar 2015 activities worker


Hi I work in a similar place to you. I quite often down load vintage pictures for them to make a collage. Makes a great theme activity. Also word games are very entertaining. Age appropriate colouring is very popular with a lot of our people so is walking groups. Hope this helps
julie 26th Jan 2015 activities worker

Salt Dough Beads

Great idea. Will try this next week
julie 26th Dec 2014 activities worker

Beach Ball Volleyball

Fantastic idea. I will be doing this on our Australia day celebration for our Day centre. Thanks