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Diversional Therapist From Queensland, Australia

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Valerie 17th Apr 2012 Diversional Therapist


How do I best promote Diversional Therapy week in May?
Thanks Valerie
Valerie 23rd Oct 2011 Diversional Therapist

Things that go Together Quiz

Excellent this would be a great game to play at "Happy Hour". Thank you very much.
Valerie 2nd Jul 2011 Diversional Therapist

Summer Yarn Balls

Great I am going to try this with our residents Iam sure they would love to do this. thanks.
By the way we tried the "High tea" for the Queens birthday it was a big hit with the residents thank you very much for your ideas
Valerie 20th Apr 2011 Diversional Therapist

DIY Musical Bingo

This is very interesting I shall try this with our residents for something very different. thank you very much.
Valerie 18th Apr 2011 Diversional Therapist

Easter Bonnets

Thank you very much this is great iam sure the residents will love this. they really enjoyed the pancake day.
Valerie 5th Mar 2011 Diversional Therapist

Pancake Day Party

Oh I am so excited I can't wait to try all these things out with the resident's glad I joined.thank you very much
Valerie 5th Mar 2011 Diversional Therapist

Recycled Percussion Instruments

wonderful I shall try this specially with the dementia resident's
Valerie 5th Mar 2011 Diversional Therapist

Leprechaun #2 for St Patricks Day

great I will try this with our resident\'s I am sure they will be excited about it