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Lesley 15th Jan 2016 diversional therapist

Left & Right Game - Christmas

We used the Left Right game with our Secret Santa gifts at our Christmas Party. Everyone had a gift (to the value of $5 - wrapped up) . As I read the Left Right story they had to use their gift and pass along to people next to them. Much laughing as people had to pass their gift, with a few getting mixed up.
Lesley 25th Oct 2013 diversional therapist


I have a poem my clients love:-

Grandma's Laundry

I remember Grandma's laundry,
With a basket made of cane,
And lines that stretched from wall to wall,
To hang things when it rained.

There used to be a copper,
Out where Grandma toiled,
It used to take forever to wash,
When the water reached the boil.

There were twin tubs made of concrete,
With a ringer in between,
A ringer in a laundry now,
Is hardly ever seen.

Upon a shelf a little box,
Of starch called "Silver Star",
Kero tins for buckets,
Remember back that far??,

A dipper with a handle,
To help our Grandma cope,
And a little wire basket,
With a piece of 'Sunlight Soap',

She used to have a washboard,
For scrubbing out the clothes,
You must be getting on in years,
If you used one of those.

A saucer on the window sill,
With bags of 'Reckitts Blue',
To make the white clothes whiter,
And good for bee stings too.

Some sandsoap and a scrubbing brush,
For scrubbing all the floors,
And some firewood for the copper,
In a box behind the door.

A tin roof and some guttering,
With a funny sort of sag,
And a heap of wooden dolly pegs,
In a homemade hessian bag.

And out the back a clothes line,
Not the kind that spins around.
A clothes prop held the clothes up high,
From dragging on the ground.

I wonder what would Grandma say,
If she could only see,
That wash-a-matic marvel,
Where the copper used to be.

The dryer in the corner,
The tubs of stainless steel,
Hot water pouring from the taps,
I wonder how she'd feel.

I think that Grandma would approve,
The changes made and yet,
There were things in Grandma's Laundry,
That I simply can't forget.

Author unknown.

Lesley 12th Sep 2013 diversional therapist


Hi Dene
If you had enough volunteers and transport you could take them to a shopping centre or coffee shop for a coffee/tea and a chat (depending on abilities). My gentlement love this. I they are unable to go out maybe a morning tea in the garden. They seem to talk more when no women are around.
Lesley 22nd Apr 2013 diversional therapist


hi Helen, they would like anything using older type recipes. Scones, anzac biscuits (for Anzac Day) choc. cake, lamingtons. You could also get them to help eg. stiring the mix. Have to watch out for hygiene - could use gloves on everyone.
Lesley 5th Apr 2013 diversional therapist


Just need some ideas for visually impared clients. My visually impared clients attend with other clients who have no vision problems and it is sometimes hard to have them playing the same game. I can think of large cards so they can play with others. Sensory activities. Could I have some more ideas please.