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matylda 24th Jun 2015 recreation Terapist


I can not say thanks enough ,this will add more fun to already much loved Bingo
.Thanks a lot . Matylda

matylda 21st Jun 2015 recreation Terapist


Hi everybody ,it is really hard to find traditional Bingo saying like 3 Little Pigs ,16 Sweet sixteen and never been kissed and that is all we
have .Anybody knows all 60 sayings ,please ,
Thanks Matylda
matylda 9th Mar 2015 recreation Terapist

Short Story – Beethoven’s Biography

Great topic for my new Book Club ,Biography -thanks
matylda 9th Mar 2015 recreation Terapist


Any ideas how to prepare and organize Book Club .What easy books or poetry could be ideal to use in this activity .
Thanks Matylda
matylda 30th Sep 2014 recreation Terapist

For Pondering: You are Survivors

I love it very much Solange well said,we will have Special Morning Tea in our facility to celebrate our wonderful residents.Thank you .Matylda
matylda 5th Feb 2013 recreation Terapist


I am planning to have Potting Plants as a new activity with my residents.Would anyone have any suggestion how to succesfully do it ...Thanks Matylda
matylda 30th Dec 2011 recreation Terapist

Australian Bookmarks for Australia Day

what a great activity ,I will try it with my
residents.Iam sure
they will look beautiful .Matylda