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Anne 20th Oct 2015 diversional therapist

Cinderella Christmas Pantomime

Hey are you having a panto for this year. We have done the last two.
Anne 22nd Jan 2015 diversional therapist

Australia Day Damper Recipe

I used the recipe as a reminiscence activity today all my ladies were horrified at the inclusion of yeast.I had comments like "where would they get yeast out bush"
Anne 11th Oct 2014 diversional therapist


cool, really looking forward to it
Anne 8th Oct 2014 diversional therapist


Solange, Do you have a new pantomime for this Christmas? We have done the last two, Pinocchio and Cinderella and had a great deal of fun. Staff performed them for the residents' Christmas party.
Anne 23rd Dec 2012 diversional therapist

Christmas Pantomime - Pinocchio

lots of fun to do and residents,family members and staff are still laughing about it.
Anne 23rd Dec 2012 diversional therapist

Christmas Pantomime - Pinocchio

We did this at my work place . We performed it at our staff Christmas party first and then at the residents' party. All sections of workers were involved; care manager as gepetto, een as pinocchio
Anne 26th Feb 2012 diversional therapist

Words in Words Game

we call this activity Words in a word and we managed to get 201 words from uncopyrightable. I use words that have all the vowels in them. next time I will try pedestrian and see how we go. Another good word game is words that sound like Say. Words don't have to end in ay e.g. neigh, weigh etc.
Anne 23rd Feb 2012 diversional therapist


contact dementia Care Australia or wisdom activities
Anne 19th Nov 2011 diversional therapist


I work in a private hostel. I want to do a simple, very simple pageant of the 12 days of Christmas. Does anyone have any ideas? I thought I might print up some pictures , put them on a pole of some sort for residents to hold as the song is sung. Maybe have each resident hold some thing relevant to each day e.g. a drum ,pail,or a pipe. Does that sound ok or really lame?
Anne 22nd Jun 2011 diversional therapist


This is for Helen , who was looking for cheap entertainers in Brisbane.I have a limit of $60 dollars for a concert and i have a few