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Jeanette 5th Sep 2013 Manager Administration

Home-Made Lemonade

we are having a of reminicing in the kitchen day. Home made lemonade will go well with gem scones and collecting recepices from participants.
Maree 11th Jul 2013 Manager Administration

Paper Tole

We have some members of our group sort cards, some members cutting simple shapes while other cut more detailed picturs and put the cards together. So all that all have worked together and we give the cards to our volunteers for Christmas with all of our signitures on them.
Maree 11th Jul 2013 Manager Administration

Paper Tole

we use Christmas cards in the same way to make our own home made cards. A lot of cards have 2 or 3 of the same picture, patern or use 2 cards the same to make 1 new hand made one.
Maree 8th May 2013 Manager Administration


We had our first (anual) spring ball last September. As a centre based day programme we started morning tea. Everyone got a lucky no door ticket as they arived, enjoyed morning tea (decorations made by the group over the previous weeks) and then moved into the open area with seating and table to remind them of their own dancing days. We had some visitors dressed up for the dance which the ladies loves to watch and they dances some old time sequence dances for us. With the music, door prizes, decorations, fancy dresses, it was a great sucess and everyone is looking forward to the next. I have some ideas to include in this years dance and everyone is looking forward to it.