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Proprietor From Western Australia, Australia

About Lisa: It is with pleasure that I write this brief letter of introduction.

My name is Lisa Byfield. I work as an Occupational Therapy Assistant in the Aged Care Sector, and want to make a difference!

The concept is simple but effective.

“Communicate your loved ones needs, because you can (and they cannot)”.

Our placards will change people’s lives because of the information they communicate to others.

They are visually appealing, unique, and very practical.

Please take the time to look at our website.

Brochures and pricelists can be downloaded from here.

Call me to discuss - 0438 937 752.

Please Remember Me,
Lisa Byfield

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Lisa 16th May 2013 Proprietor


That is wonderful Maree. Organising an event like this takes so much time and thought. It's just so worthwhile when you see the smile on everyone's faces, and the energy in the room, is always the best indicator. Lisa from Please Remember Me.
Lisa 24th Apr 2013 Proprietor


Working as a Therapy Assistant with clients affected by memory impairment I wanted to make a difference and have created a business called Please Remember Me. I would really appreciate feedback about my website
Thank you.
Lisa 27th Mar 2013 Proprietor


Thank you Golden Carers for the fabulous resources you provide. I love working with dementia clients, and this is what inspired me to start my business. Please take a look and like my FB page. The website address is listed here:
Thank you fellow Allied Health Assistants.......... Lisa Byfield, Perth, WA.
Lisa Byfield 13th Oct 2012 Proprietor


My name is Lisa. I am a Therapy Assistant at an Aged Care Hostel in Perth, Western Australia. I am in the process of building a business where I design and produce placards for those in care, which communicates their (non-medical) needs - will help ensure that a loved one's needs are met because they can't be there all the time. Any one interested in knowing more please email me.

As part of my business, I am developing a Visitor/Communication Book which can be purchased also - for those in care, to receive meaningful hand-written messages from visitors (for anyone that works with dementia, I don't need to explain why). Can any one tell me if they can recommend one already on the market - this would help me know what else is already available. Thank you. Yours sincerely, Lisa Byfield