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Lynn 12th Jul 2013 Recreation Therapist

Bird Watching

I too found bird watching to be a great activity,I placed a white board on an outside wall where residents, visitors & staff record what is seen, there is also a bird quiz or facts posted. I keep a log on birds spotted (even flying overhead). Once a week we have an indoor group activity where I give details of the log, answer the quiz, and ask residents to choose an Australian Birds for me to read about and then we have general discussion.
Lynn 13th Sep 2012 Recreation Therapist

Joyful Dog Visits for Seniors

Hi all
We (my work place) adopted a stray foxy off the streets,she was 10 months old,filty dirty & having puppies.Our local vet traced the owners who no longer wanted her, terminated the puppies & desexed her, gave her all her shots & put her on his books as a no fee attached dog. That was six years ago & Dolly has won so many hearts and brought meaning and given comfort to so many in that time it is truly remarkable. The place lights up when she enters the building now. For five years she lived day and night at the sixty bed high care nursing home but for the last years she has come to live with me an goes in five days a week for six hour shifts. We also have a french poodle Gigi that visits every second Monday afternoon and we encourage residents family to bring in their pets for visits. Pets just seem to create a buzz of energy throughout the building. I highly recommend Pets as Therapy.
Lynn 31st Jul 2012 Recreation Therapist

Armchair travel with Google Maps

Thanks Ron for sharing, I am going to put this activity up via our improvement log as we have no laptop or internet access and this hopefully will achive it for us in therapy, & I can certainly see the residents gaining enjoyment.well done & keep sharing.