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Diversional therapist From Victoria, Australia

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Activities 26th Jun 2023 Diversional therapist

Friendship Afternoon

l am off to source out bread makers and do this with our residents
Helen 20th Apr 2022 Diversional therapist

Anzac Day Poem: He ain't heavy - he's my brother

This made me cry, Thanks Kerry,l will be reading this out in our nursing home.
Jeanne Cartwright
Darlingford Upper Goulburn Nursing Home
Helen 20th Jan 2021 Diversional therapist


Much appreciated for your reply, we discourage too much money to be kept on hand in their rooms due to wandering residents etc. but I'm happy to give anything a go if it helps. thank you again. Helen
Helen 19th Jan 2021 Diversional therapist


Hi can anyone help, I have a lovely man with Mixed dementia DLB+ Alzheimers who has become totally fixated on being paid and having money. I have had no trouble till now dealing with similar residents but this gentleman is to smart for false money and the usual diversions, and some (want to be helpful person) gave him a false cheque which now has exacerbated the problem as he wants to cash it .
He happily dusts and this has been a great diversion but now he expects to be paid and is getting frustrated and distressed.
I thought about having a retirement party and getting him a watch and a certificate for his wall but I'm not sure if this will ease his fixation???
any ideas out there???
Helen 16th Feb 2016 Diversional therapist

Enhancing the Senior Living Experience with Pets

We are so lucky to be a country nursing home and we have two miniature ponies who live in a specially built paddock and stable on premises, one of our residents feeds and grooms the ponies daily and checks and fills their water , we have a special built pathway and large area with table and chairs and open space that sits beside the fence under the trees which brings great joy to the ponies, residents, visitors and our community alike, one pony has been specially trained with scooters and wheelchairs and happily enters the building with me and loves the attention, he has an incredible ability to seek out and settle residents who are restless and we have even had a residents who didn't normally vocalize talk to him, we have competed at shows and some residents are accompanied by volunteers and staff to the shows and they are delighted when our babes bring home ribbons. we have also had a couple of foals which are just too cute to describe and at stand about 19 inches so are perfect lap ponies, bit different to the average dog but the residents love them and enjoy watching their tricks and their training, I do supervise the overall care with vets, poopy scooping, worming and farriers etc, but they are our pride and very much loved, Helen .